Seller's Guide

Impact of Home Preparation

How you present your home shapes the perception of the buyer

Preparing the Property

Before listing your property, it's essential to undertake various preparations such as staging, painting both interior and exterior, tending to the garden, and updating fixtures. These recommended actions enhance the appeal to potential buyers, optimize your investment return and often pay for themselves through increased sales prices. The following are examples of recently sold listings that were refreshed by Stephanie Pratt.

The "As Is" Option
Just The Basics
Update Finishes
Deeper Details
Comprehensive Updates
Sellers stay in residence
No Prep work performed
Professional cleaning service
Maximize space, no staging
Sellers move out of residence
Paint interior and exterior of house
New and refinished flooring
Front landscaping clean-up or re-do
Replace light fixtures, knobs and faceplates
Upgrade appliances, carpet and flooring
Address "decision rooms"
Priority repairs
Contemporize all aesthetics in house
Upgrade counters and surfaces
Upgrade appliances
Upgrade bathrooms
Complete all repairs on inspection report

Next Level Concierge

"Cash-Free" Property Preparation

Our streamlined Next Level Concierge program goes above and beyond all others. With no cash-outlay, this innovative property preparation program provides a wide scope of possibilities, from staging and cosmetic renovations to structural repairs and improvements. Our team of licensed and insured vendors help to prepare your property for its best debut to market.

Bridge Loans

Our bridge loan program offers many buy-before-selling advantages, helping you move on and move forward faster.

Next Level Concierge

Frequently Asked Questions For Clients

Clients who understand the value of working with professionals and the risks inherent with unlicensed and uninsured contractors will benefit from our program that is consistent with our unparalleled brand. We can provide:




  • Minimize your scope of work
  • Enhance your return on investment
  • Speed the sale of your home


  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Insured and licensed vendors


  • Staging & cosmetic renovations
  • Structural repairs and improvements
  • Moving, packing, cleaning and decluttering
  • Inspections and Reports
  • Stays at luxury hotels during construction

Maximize Your Sale

Whether you’re making a job change, retiring, need a bigger house, or just need a change of scenery, you want to get the most money when you sell your house in Sausalito or the surrounding areas. Experienced Marin County and Sausalito sellers real estate agent Stephanie Pratt can get you the right terms and in the shortest amount of time possible. Your home is one of the most valuable possessions you will ever sell. It requires skill, experience, and understanding of the current market. Your real estate agents expertise and access to marketing tools can maximize your return. Stephanie Pratt can make this process easy and enjoyable. Here are some pointers to guide you through the process.

  • Pricing—One of the most important decisions to sell your home in Sausalito, Mill Valley, or Tiburon will be the pricing of your home. Your real estate agent will do a Comparative Market Analysis of your home that involves surveying similar homes in your neighborhood that have recently sold and those that are currently on the market. Your agent might invite some select agents, who are familiar with the area, to see the house and to discuss what they feel is a fair price for your house.


  • Prepare your home for sale—People usually decide within minutes whether or not they like your house. It is important that it looks great! Make sure that the house is clean and free of all clutter. Repair any items that require maintenance, leaking faucets, replacing worn flooring or carpeting, broken windows, cracks in the ceiling. Keep the lawn and garden in good order. Neatness counts! Your real estate agent can guide you through this process. She can offer suggestions for staging to insure that your home shines! Pre-sale inspections may be indicated to determine the condition of your home.
  • Marketing—Your real estate agent will prepare a marketing plan to help sell your home in Sausalito that includes advertising, open houses, marketing materials such as fliers and mailings, a For Sale Sign, and plans for showing your home. Your home should have a presence on the internet, either with its own web page or a listing in one of the Multiple Listing sites.


  • Receiving the offer—Your agent will receive the offer and review it with you to discuss the pros and cons of the offer. You will either accept the offer, make a counter offer, or reject the offer.
  • When an offer is finally accepted, the escrow is opened with the Title Company, usually of the Buyer’s choice. They will perform a title search to determine that there are no liens or claims on the property.


  • The buyer will perform any inspections of the property that they want and the lender will confirm that they can fund the loan. The contingencies will be removed in the time specified in the purchase agreement.


  • The Closing—You will sign the closing papers at the Title Company, any existing loans/liens on the property will be paid off and after closing costs, all net proceeds will go to you! Escrow will close after the Buyer’s loan has funded and the new Deed has been recorded.


Connect with Stephanie today to begin your personalized real estate experience. Offering expert insights and a strategic approach, Stephanie is dedicated to achieving your real estate goals with precision and care.

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