San Anselmo

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Once a stop on the Sausalito-Tomales run of the Pacific Coast Railroad, San Anselmo is easily recognized by the majestic stone castle which houses the San Francisco Theological Seminary.Known as the ‘Antique Capital of Northern California’, San Anselmo attracts antique dealers and visitors from all over the West Coast. The lovely town’s main street,San Anselmo Avenue, winds through downtown with awning-shaded shops, cafes, gourmet restaurants, galleries and upscale boutiques lined on either side. On Sundays you might hear live jazz from one of the local coffee houses. To boot, there are no parking meters anywhere in San Anselmo! Some of Marin County’s exciting events are held right here in San Anselmo: the Antique Dealers Fair the third Sunday in May, followed by the Annual Art and Wine Festival in June, ending the season with the Country Fair Day in September. Community living is emphasized and very important. Five city parks and a local library offer gathering places for the locals, and tennis, baseball, softball, soccer and swimming activities are scheduled during the season through the local schools.

A visit to San Anselmo provides an opportunity to experience the past and yet enjoy the amenities of today in a friendly, small-town atmosphere!

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