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Although connected to the mainland, via Tiburon, Belvedere exudes the appearance of a placid island and is considered a local getaway. Also referred to as Marin’s “Gold Coast”, it is one of the wealthiest cities in the Bay Area region. Coveted parcels of real estate routinely carry million dollar price tags.

As tidelands were dredged and filled and sloughs became lagoons, San Francisco’s wealthy people built summer homes, isolated on this beautiful island that is at once convenient and removed from the rush of daily activities. Stately mansions with manicured gardens grace its hillsides, with diverse homes and private boat docks nestled at the water’s edge. The town was laid out at the turn of the last century and is graced with numerous charming, winding roads and pathways built for a more sedate and graceful lifestyle than that practiced by many today. Belvedere, which translates in Italian to “beautiful view”, offers stunning views of San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and Belvedere Lagoon. A sightseeing drive through the island or an early morning walk can be a breathtaking experience.

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